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Cashew nuts are kidney-shaped edible seeds that grow on tropical and sub-tropical evergreen ancacardium occidentale. Cashew nuts possess a delicate flavour and firm structure. Cashews are widely consumed around the world on its own, as a flavouring agent or processed into cashew paste ands  cashew butter. The shell of the cashew seed is removed because it contains caustic resin which is not fit for consumption. The caustic resin is used in many industrial derivatives, insecticides and pesticides.

Alternate Indian Names – Kaju ( Hindi, Marathi, Manipuri), Andima ( Tamil), Kasu mavu ( Malayalam), Munthamamidi ( Telugu), Godambi, Geru ( Kannada), Hijli Badam ( Bengali), Kazu ( Konkani), Agnikrita ( Sanskrit)

Cashew Grades – White wholes, scorched wholes, dessert wholes, white pieces, scorched pieces and dessert pieces.

Cashews are usually sold in packaged containers and packets. Whether cashews are purchased in bulk or in a packaged container, ensure that they are crunchy and smell fresh.  Ensure that cashews are not affected by insect damage, moisture and shriveled.

Cashew nuts are enriched with oleic acid and is considered more stable than other popular nuts. Cashew nuts should still be stored in an airtight container and  refrigerated to increase their shelf life. Refrigerated cashew nuts will remain fresh for six months and frozen ones will remain fresh for about one year.

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