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Earoma Arabica coffee Powder

Earoma Arabica coffee Powder

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Arabica coffee beans account for more than 60%-80% of the global coffee consumption. Arabica coffee receives its popular from its aroma and sweeter taste. Arabica beans have a mild, aromatic taste punctuated with flavour tones of blue berry and fruit. Arabica beans are grown in cool subtropical climates at a higher elevation 800m to 2000m, which means they need lots of moisture, shade, and sunlight to grow. Arabica coffee is indigenous to high altitudes of Yemen and Ethiopian highlands. Arabic coffee is one of the expensive varieties due to its harsh cultivation methods.

Brewing Method
Filtered water or spring water is considered best for brewing coffee. Distilled water is not recommended because it subdues the delicate flavour of Arabica coffee beans. The ideal temperature to brew coffee is 90°C-95°C. Ground Arabica coffee beans can be brewed through drip maker, plunger or French press, or percolator method. The ratio of water to coffee powder is essential for a perfect cup of coffee. Approx. 30g of coffee powder is recommended for 700ml of water. Bitterness of coffee can be managed by adding or reducing hot water.

It is important to store Arabica coffee beans or ground coffee in an airtight container at a cool and dry place, away from sunlight. The refrigeration helps to keep coffee fresh. Avoid storing the coffee container along flavoursome items in the refrigerator as it may lose its character.

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