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Excelsa Coffee

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Excelsa is the popular variety of coffee, which often gets confused with Liberica and Robusta coffee beans due to its similar beans and taste. Scientifically acknowledged asCoffea Dewerti, Excelsa contributes to 7% of coffee production around the globe. The Excelsa beans have a distinctive flavour profile reminding a tart or a ripened fruit. Excelsa coffee powder is used in many house blends along with Robusta and Arabica. The Excelsa powder adds complexity and character to the coffee blend. Excelsa coffee beans are cultivated in medium altitudes and possess “teardrop” shape, which proclaims it resemblance to Liberica. The Excelsa was recently acknowledged as the variety of Liberica.

Brewing Method
Water, sugar and coffee powder is required for brewing a cup of coffee. Filtered water or pure spring water is used for brewing coffee. Excelsa coffee powder is brewed the same way as most other types of coffee. Excelsa coffee powder can be brewed using French press, percolator, aeropress, drip brewers and more. The taste of coffee can be controlled by right amount of coffee powder and sugar. The right choice of brewing method will help to reduce preparation time, control bitterness and enhance taste.

Excelsa coffee powder should be kept away from moisture, dryness, sunlight and flavoursome food items such as garlic and spices. The coffee powder loses its aroma when it comes in contact with oxygen. It is recommended to store coffee in a sealed, room-temperature bag to retain its flavour.

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