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Loose Tea Black Leaves

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Loose black tea leaves  are bulk black tea leaves packaged in paper bags, a canister and tea chest. Many high quality whole teas are vacuum packaged to retain their freshness and quality. Loose black teas are a tea lover’s favourite because they offer flexibility of flavour control. Earl Grey, Irish Breakfast  and English Breakfast are popular blends of loose black tea leaves. Black teas usually contain more caffeine than other types of teas.

Brewing Method
The quality and taste of the black tea is decided by the quality of the water used. Fresh water or bottled water is considered the best. Avoid brewing tea using mineral water, distilled and tap water – as tea may taste bland. To brew loose black tea, an infuser, filtered teapot, tea press or strainer is needed. The tea infuser or tea strainer will hold the tea leaves inside, once the hot water imbibes flavour. Avoid small tea balls, as the leaves cannot fully unfurl and express their full flavor. Depending upon the type of loose black tea used, one teaspoons or one tablespoon per 12 ounces or cup of water is considered ideal.

Storing Tea
Light, moisture, temperature and odors may impair the quality of tea. Loose leaf teas should be stored in an airtight and opaque container at a cool, dry place away from moisture and direct sunlight. Take care to keep loose leaf black teas from excessive heat, spices and flavouring agents. If stored properly, teas will retain fresh for many months. The loose teas sold in airtight foil bags will remain fresh for a long time .

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