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Robusta Coffee Powder

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Robusta coffee accounts for 30% of the coffee production in the world. Robusta coffee is indigenous to sub-Saharan African forests, Vietnam, India and Indonesia. The Robusta coffee produces full-bodied coffee with has high caffeine content and antioxidants than Arabica beans. Roasted Robusta beans have bitter to harsh taste range with flavour profile of “oatmeal" or rubber. Harsher Robusta beans are used as filler in popular coffee blends available at superstores. Robusta beans are grown at lower altitudes and defiant against harsh weather and pests, which makes them less pricey than Arabica beans.

Brewing Methods
Freshly drawn filtered water is considered best for brewing the coffee. Sugar and coffee powder are two important requisites for preparing the coffee. The caffeine content and taste of the coffee depends on the brewing method. Robusta coffee powder also blends well with milk, so is used for hot and cold coffee beverages. There are many ways to brew Robusta coffee such as French press, drip coffee, espresso and more. The caffeine content for different brewing methods is: drip or filter – 265 mg/250ml, brew – 198 mg/250ml, instant coffee – 115mg/cup and espresso – 141 mg/shot.

Robusta coffee powder is used in many instant coffee blends and Italian espresso. Robusta beans produce thick crème and aroma, when brewed in an espresso machine. The Italian espresso is popular for its thick crème, rich texture and aroma.

The flavour of the brewed coffee depends on the method of storage. Coffee should be stored in an airtight container away from dry and cool place untouched by moisture and light.

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