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Hantex Kasavu Mundu - കൈത്തറി കസവ് മുണ്ട് (SK1)

  • Rs. 715.00

Kasavu mundu is a hand woovwen traditional costumes for men. Especially for special occasssions like wedding & Festivals.

Produced By Hantex 
(The Kerala State Handloom Weavers Co-Operative Society Ltd - Under Govt. Kerala) 

“Hantex” the one and only protective umberlla for the Weavers in the Co-Operative Sector of kerala. Hantex comprises of 440 production centers situated across the length and breadth of the state. Lakhs of weavers who can increate any type of intricate designs with their magical craft creativity in to the handloom fabrics with coarser or finer yarn capable of meeting present day global standards.Hantex has the most modern infrastructure to produce handcrafted fabrics, garments, furnishing, made-ups,sarees,traditional wears etc. strictly in tune and harmony with global eco friendly norms.

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