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Kolukkumalai Tea - From Worlds highest Tea plantation ( 8199 ft MSL) - കൊളുക്ക് മല ചായ

Kolukkumalai Tea - From Worlds highest Tea plantation ( 8199 ft MSL) - കൊളുക്ക് മല ചായ

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Kolukkumalai tea is term of tea sourced from Kolkkumalai – the world’s highest tea plantation in Munnar ( 8199 ft MSL).  Kolukkumalai teas are distinguished with their clean and medium toned fragrance. As with regular strong bodied Munnar teas with lively briskness, these Kolukkumalai teas appeal with their fruit hint and  leaves lingering note of sweetness in the end. There are Four types of Kolukkumalai teas available –BOP Loose Black Tea Leaves , Fanning Tea and Super Red Dust Tea(SRD)

Brewing Method
Boiling water is the first step towards preparing the tea, unless you are preparing a white tea or green tea. For preparing green or white tea, avoid boiling water or boil the water and cool for 2-3 minutes. A reliable tea pot and fresh water are two essential requirements for making a perfect cup of tea. Pour hot water over tea leaves cover it and infuse till you get the desired taste or boil tea leaves along with water and strain it before serving. Different teas have different steeping times and if you steep longer the tea will taste bitter.

Storing Tea
Tea is a powerful beverage consumed for variety of taste and health related reasons. Tea ceases to be a power beverage, if it loses its flavour and taste. Fresh tea should always be stored in an airtight container and away from moisture, heat and light. Plastic tea containers are not recommended as they transfer odour to the tea and spoil its taste. Moisture and light are two biggest irritants to the tea, so they should be kept away.

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