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Super Red Dust Tea

  • Rs. 110.00

Super Red Dust Tea (SRD) is the grade of the black tea, consisting of tea particles that are left out after siftings of high grade teas. Like many other dust teas, SRD is used in tea bags and it produces flavour and colour, when dipped in the hot water. In and around India, dust teas are largely used in tea stalls, with SRD being one of the most used ones. When brewed for a long time, SRD dusts will produce bitter astringent brews. SRD tea possess a flavour profile that is meant for a strong brew to be consumed with sugar and milk.

Brewing Method
Fresh and clean water is the requisite for any tea. Filtered water is recommended for preparing tea. Most black black teas are brewed with boiling water. However, dust teas are steeped into the boiling water. Dust teas are packed in single use packets that are dipped in hot water or hot milk for immediate flavour and colour.  At the end of the brewing time, the tea bags should be separated from milk and water,  so that tea doesn’t taste bitter and harsh.  The tea bags are not fit for second brewing.

Storing Tea
Super Red Dust Tea is usually included in a tea bag and offered as a pack, so it is important to store them in an airtight container away from humidity, sunlight and odours to retain their freshness. Take care to store tea bags away from spices, flavouring agents, sunlight and moisture, as dust may absorb any of them and turn bland. Reseal the tea pack as soon as required tea bags are measured and steeped into the brewing vessel.

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